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Level 6 - NCEA Level 1

Simplify further algebraic expressions II


In Maths in Order, we learnt about the order of operations we used to simplify expressions.


Step 1: Do operations inside grouping symbols such as parentheses (...), brackets [...] and braces {...}.

Step 2: Do multiplication (including powers) and division (including roots) going from left to right.

Step 3: Do addition and subtraction going from left to right.

We use this order in all kinds of questions, including questions that involve algebra and fractions. Remember that in fractions the numerator and denominator are in unwritten brackets, so we simplify these first.


Question 1

Simplify: $4x-4\left(7x+6x\right)$4x4(7x+6x)

Question 2

Simplify the expression:


Question 3

Simplify: $\frac{8x+\left(-8\times4x\right)}{9x}$8x+(8×4x)9x

Question 4

Simplify: $\frac{7x^9+5x^9}{10x^2+14x^2}$7x9+5x910x2+14x2




Form and solve linear equations and inequations, quadratic and simple exponential equations, and simultaneous equations with two unknowns


Generalise the properties of operations with rational numbers, including the properties of exponents


Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems

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