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Create and Interpret Back to back stem and leaf plots

Interactive practice questions

The data below shows the results of a survey conducted on the price of concert tickets locally and the price of the same concerts at an international venue.

Local International
Stem Leaf
$6$6 $0$0 $4$4 $6$6 $7$7
$7$7 $3$3 $5$5 $6$6 $6$6 $7$7
$8$8 $2$2 $4$4 $4$4 $5$5 $7$7
$9$9 $1$1 $4$4 $6$6 $7$7 $9$9
$10$10 $4$4
Stem Leaf
$6$6 $0$0 $7$7
$7$7 $0$0 $0$0 $3$3 $4$4
$8$8 $0$0 $5$5 $6$6 $6$6
$9$9 $1$1 $1$1 $3$3 $4$4 $6$6
$10$10 $1$1 $4$4 $4$4 $5$5 $6$6
Key: $1$1$\mid$$2$2$=$=$12$12

What was the most expensive ticket price at the international venue?

$\editable{}$ dollars


What was the median ticket price at the international venue? Leave your answer to two decimal places if needed.


What percentage of local ticket prices were cheaper than the international median?


At the international venue, what percentage of tickets cost between $\$90$$90 and $\$110$$110 (inclusive)?


At the local venue, what percentage of tickets cost between $\$90$$90 and $\$100$$100 (inclusive)?

Approx 7 minutes
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The test scores of 12 students in Music and French are listed below.

Music: $79,59,74,94,51,71,93,84,69,61,86,86$79,59,74,94,51,71,93,84,69,61,86,86

French: $62,71,64,82,83,99,87,89,66,73,59,76$62,71,64,82,83,99,87,89,66,73,59,76

The Stem and Leaf plot shows the batting scores of two cricket teams, A and B

The back-to-back stem plots show the number of pieces of paper used over several days by Maximilian’s and Charlie’s students.



Plan and conduct surveys and experiments using the statistical enquiry cycle:– determining appropriate variables and measures;– considering sources of variation;– gathering and cleaning data;– using multiple displays, and re-categorising data to find patterns, variations, relationships, and trends in multivariate data sets;– comparing sample distributions visually, using measures of centre, spread, and proportion;– presenting a report of findings


Evaluate statistical investigations or probability activities undertaken by others, including data collection methods, choice of measures, and validity of findings

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