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Number of Observations

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Ms Barnett has just marked a set of homework. The scores she gave were:


How many pieces of homework did Ms Barnett mark?

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Aaron has been recording the number of goals he has scored in soccer matches so far this year.


Hannah has been trying to find out the number of m&m's that are in an average sized bag. The bar graph below shows the recorded number of m&m's found in each bag she has checked.

The frequency polygon below shows the scores awarded to a mathletes team during several recent competitions.



Plan and conduct surveys and experiments using the statistical enquiry cycle:– determining appropriate variables and measures;– considering sources of variation;– gathering and cleaning data;– using multiple displays, and re-categorising data to find patterns, variations, relationships, and trends in multivariate data sets;– comparing sample distributions visually, using measures of centre, spread, and proportion;– presenting a report of findings

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