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Using Frequency tables and graphs to estimate probabilities

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The following table shows the frequency of the lengths jumped at a long jump competition. The class interval is a range of distances measured in centimeters.

Class Interval Frequency
$0-39$039 $6$6
$40-79$4079 $9$9
$80-119$80119 $7$7
$120-159$120159 $8$8
$160-199$160199 $1$1
$200-239$200239 $2$2
Sum $33$33

According to the table, what is the probability that someone jumped more than 119 cm?


What is the probability that someone's jump measured between 80 and 159cm (inclusive)?

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At a golf course, the number of golf balls lost each day over several days were recorded, and rounded to the nearest 10. The graph shows the results.

The following table shows the number of people who scored a certain mark on a recent test. The test is marked out of 50.

The following table shows the weekly wage of a number of workers that were surveyed.



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