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Noah is renting a second-hand Mercedes at $\$347$$347 per month for nine months.

What is the total rental cost?

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A school wants to buy $875$875 hats for its students at a cost of $\$6$$6 each.

What is the total cost?

Find the screen area of a rectangular-shaped smartphone that has a height of $112$112 millimetres and a width of $59$59 millimetres.

Solar system distances are so great that units other than miles or kilometres are often used. For example, $1$1 astronomical unit (AU) is defined as the average distance between Earth and the Sun, and is equal to $92900000$92900000 miles.

If the distance of Venus from the Sun is $67.2$67.2 million miles, what is its distance from the Sun in astronomical units? Round your answer to 3 decimal places.



Reason with linear proportions.

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