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Problem solving with decimals (4 ops)

Interactive practice questions

Adam was buying supplies for the new school year. He bought $5$5 books at $\$14.82$$14.82 each and a pencil case for $\$6.36$$6.36. How much did he spend in total?

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Peter was buying presents for his family and friends. He bought $3$3 boxes of chocolates at $\$11.28$$11.28 each and a bag of lollies for $\$7.79$$7.79. How much did he spend in total?

Valentina works at her local fish and chip shop and is paid $\$13.29$$13.29 an hour. If she is paid for $6$6 hours but spent $\$6.10$$6.10 on lunch, how much money did she take home?

Paul has a part-time job on the weekend delivering newspapers. He is paid $\$14.29$$14.29 an hour, but his little sister helps and so he gives her the money earned for one hour. If Paul works for $7$7 hours in total, how much money does he earn for himself?



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