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Convert tenths and hundredths between fractions and decimals


Place value for parts of a whole

Remember that we could extend our place value table to include columns that are smaller than units? These are used to show parts of a whole, which are worth less than one.

Comparing decimals to fractions

When we look at parts of a whole, we also use fractions to represent our number. If we know the fraction value, we can also write it in decimal form. So, we can write $\frac{1}{10}$110 as $0.1$0.1.

Looking at tenths as decimals, and on a number line

This video shows you how to compare the fraction expression to the decimal format, and the written format. It also shows you how decimals can be placed on a number line. Here, we look at tenths, so you may wish to have a look at working with tenths, for some extra help.


Looking at hundredths as decimals, and on a number line

In our second video, we follow the same approach, but use hundredths. In working with hundredths, we saw how we can break our whole into $100$100 hundredths. The fraction $\frac{23}{100}$23100 can be written as $0.23$0.23.


Tenths are bigger than hundredths.

To the left of our decimal point, the value of each digit increases, but to the right, it decreases.

Worked Examples

Question 1

Plot $3.9$3.9 on the number line.

  1. 34

Question 2

Plot $6.01$6.01 on the number line.

  1. 66.1

Question 3

What proportion of the diagram is shaded blue. Express your answer in decimal form.



Know the relative size and place value structure of positive and negative integers and decimals to three places.

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