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Time Problems

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A short film clip started to be played at $8$8:$26$26 AM and finished at $8$8:$27$27 AM. How long is the film clip?

$\editable{}$ minute(s)

Less than a minute
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A song clip starts playing at $7$7:$55$55 pm and finished at $8$8:$11$11 pm. How long is the song clip in minutes?

Neil's flight leaves Darwin at $5:40$5:40 PM and flies to Melbourne. If the flight takes $4$4 hours and $10$10 minutes what time will Neil's mother, who lives in Darwin, expect the plane to land?

Amy wants to re-watch every episode of her favourite TV show to prepare for a trivia contest. Each episode is $30$30 minutes long and there are $12$12 episodes.



Find areas of rectangles and volumes of cuboids by applying multiplication.

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