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Solve word problems using number sentences (mult/div)


When we write number senses from word problems we need to understand the important maths language within the problem to know which operation we are using. When we solve multiplication and division problems, it helps to know your times tables too!

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Example Questions:

question 1:

There were $3$3 rows of trees in a field, with $10$10 trees in each row.

  1. Write a multiplication number sentence for this word problem.

  2. How many trees are there in total in the field?

question 2:

Max's Motors sold $49$49 cars in a $7$7-day week.

  1. If they sold the same number of cars every day, write a number sentence to show how many cars they sold each day. Use the $\left(\div\right)$(÷​) symbol.

  2. How many cars were sold each day?

question 3:

A box of chocolates costs $\$9$$9, and I have $\$18$$18.

  1. Write a number sentence that shows how many boxes of chocolates I could buy. Use the $\left(\div\right)$(÷​) symbol.

  2. How many boxes of chocolates can I buy?



Connect members of sequential patterns with their ordinal position and use tables, graphs, and diagrams to find relationships between successive elements of number and spatial patterns.

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