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Think about your times tables. Multiples are what you get after multiplying a number by an integer (a whole number). For example, in the $4$4 times tables we work our way through starting at



$4\times3=12$4×3=12 and so on.

So, the first five multiples of $4$4 are $4$4, $8$8, $12$12, $16$16 and $20$20.

We could also think of it as if we were jumping up on a number line.


  • The first three multiples of $2$2 are $2$2, $4$4, and $6$6.
  • The first three multiples of $3$3 are $3$3, $6$6 and $9$9.
  • The lowest common multiple (LCM) is $6$6.



Question 1

Write down the first 5 multiples of $3$3.

  1. No. Multiple
    1st $\editable{}$
    2nd $\editable{}$
    3rd $\editable{}$
    4th $\editable{}$
    5th $\editable{}$

Question 2

What multiple of 8 is 72?

  1. $72$72 is the $\editable{}$th multiple of $8$8.

Question 3

Find the lowest common multiple of $12$12 and $20$20.

  1. Lowest common multiple = $\editable{}$




Know basic multiplication and division facts.

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