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Lists and tables

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Vincent asks $9$9 of his friends which pet they would like. He writes down their answer. Here is what he wrote down:


Count the number of each type of animal and fill in the table.

Animal Number of Friends
Cat $\editable{}$
Dog $\editable{}$
Fish $\editable{}$
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Rosey asks $15$15 of her friends what their favourite colour is. She writes down their answer. Here is what she wrote down:

pink, blue, yellow, blue, green, pink, blue, blue, blue, pink, pink, blue, green, pink, blue

Mario asks his friends which subject they like the best at school. He puts his results in the following table.

Ellie asks her friends what they like to eat when they go out with their family. She puts her results in the following table.



Conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle:– posing and answering questions; – gathering, sorting, and displaying category and whole-number data; – communicating findings based on the data.

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