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Identify Symmetry


What is symmetry

We can see examples of symmetry all around us. Let's explore what it means for something to be symmetrical. 

If we can draw a line down the middle of a shape or object and both sides are identical, then we say it is symmetrical. The square below is symmetrical, because we can draw a line through the middle, and both sides are identical What about this triangle? 

Let's take a look at how we can check if a shape is symmetrical.


Line of symmetry

Some shapes might look as if they are not symmetrical but rotating (turning) the line of symmetry might show they actually are symmetrical!

Let's explore the line of symmetry in more detail and look at some shapes have multiple lines of symmetry. 


Some shapes or objects have more than one line of symmetry.




Predict and communicate the results of translations, refl ections, and rotations on plane shapes.

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