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Make Paper Solids (Investigation)













  • Scissors
  • Glue, glue stick, or tape
  • Printed nets (at the end)
  • Ruler
  • Paper and pencil

Make Your 3D Object

Choose a 3D object to make.  Cut around the border of the shape.  Make a fold along each line and an put together the edges so that it forms a 3D object with no openings.  Tape or glue the smaller flaps so that the 3D object stays in place.

Describe Your 3D Object

How would you describe your 3D figure to a friend?  Think about the answers to these questions to help you.

1.  How many vertices does it have?

2.  How many faces does it have?

3. What is its height?

4. What is its width?

5. What is its depth?

Make a Mobile

Find other objects that share something in common with your first object.  Create a mobile of the shapes.  See if your classmates or family can guess what they have in common!


Tetrahedron Printable

Tetrahedron Printable

Cube Printable

Cube Printable

Dodecahedron Printable

Dodecahedron Printable

Icosahedron Printable

Icosahedron Printable



Identify and describe the plane shapes found in objects

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