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Write number sentences from word problems (mixed)



We can write number sentences from word problems using the important information within the word problem. The key is to think about the maths involved-whether it is addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

In this video we work through how to form our number sentences and how to solve them.

Example Questions:

question 1

There were $11$11 flowers in Dave’s garden. $4$4 more flowers grew, then Dave picked $8$8 flowers to put in a vase.

  1. Which expression matches the word problem for the number of flowers left in the garden?









question 2

Sarah had $21$21 students in her class. Over the summer vacation $6$6 left the class, and when she returned there were $4$4 new students in her class.

  1. Write a number sentence for the total amount of students in Sarah's class now.

question 3

Xanthe has saved $\$137$$137 over the course of the year. She earns $\$14$$14 this week from doing chores, but spends $\$42$$42.

  1. Write a number sentence to find the amount of money Xanthe now has in total.

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