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Multiplication x12


You may not have realised it but each time you've practiced sets of multiplication tables, you've also been practicing your $12$12 times tables. All the multiplication tables you've learnt up until now have probably ended with "times $12$12," e.g. $3\times12$3×12, $5\times12$5×12 and so on and these are your $12$12 times tables.

Even better, if you know your $10$10 times tables and you know your $2$2 times tables, then it won't be too hard to learn your $12$12 times tables! We know that $10+2=12$10+2=12 and that multiplication is looking at equal sized groups.

So $10$10 groups plus $2$2 groups equals $12$12 groups!

Let's look at a couple of ways we can solve questions with $12$12 times tables. 


Strategy 1: Count up by 12s

Just like all other times tables, because $12$12 times tables are looking at groups of $12$12, we can count up by twelves, e.g. $12,24,36$12,24,36 and so on.


Strategy 2: Use a Split Strategy

Worked Examples

Question 1



Question 2



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