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Multiplication and division using arrays (1,2,3,5,10)


An array is a rectangular display of objects and they are very useful in helping us to visualise what multiplication and division mean. 

This video will show you how we can use arrays. 



Worked Examples

Question 1

Select the array that shows the following statement.

  1. $2$2 times $10$10





Question 2

Complete the statements about the following array.

  1. $\editable{}$ rows of $\editable{}$ squares gives $\editable{}$ squares in total.

    $\editable{}$ columns of $\editable{}$ squares gives $\editable{}$ squares in total.

    $\editable{}$ squares divided into $\editable{}$ rows gives $\editable{}$ squares in each row.

    $\editable{}$ squares divided into $\editable{}$ columns gives $\editable{}$ squares in each column.

Question 3

Solve $30\div6$30÷​6 using the array.

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