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Word problems II


Sometimes you will need to solve a written problem, and this may take two steps.  It helps to identify what you know, and then what you are trying to solve.  Let's look at some examples of how you can solve these problems.

Worked Examples

Question 1


  1. Which story matches the number sentence?

    Bill has $10$10 marbles, his friend Tom gives him $30$30 marbles, and Bill then gives $34$34 marbles to Sally.


    There are $10$10 pigeons in a park, $34$34 more pigeons fly in to the park, and then $30$30 fly away.


    There are $10$10 people working in a supermarket, $34$34 people leave the supermarket over the next hour and $30$30 people enter.

  2. How many pigeons are still in the park?

question 2

A farmer has $88$88 sheep in a paddock and $46$46 cows in another paddock. $13$13 sheep are taken away to the wool shed, and while the farmer is away $3$3 sheep get out of the paddock through a hole in the fence.

How many sheep are in the paddock now?

question 3

Gwen has $37$37 raffle tickets to sell. She is able to sell $4$4 tickets to Luke and $9$9 tickets to Kate.

If James now wants to buy all of her remaining tickets, how many are left for him to buy?

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