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Grade 7

1.01 Number, words, and symbols (millions)


In this video we look at writing numbers in numerals from words, writing numbers in expanded notation and also comparing numbers using the inequality symbols for greater than and less than. Having a strong sense of place value is important to be confident with all of these skills.

Worked Examples

question 1

Express the following as a single number:


Note: Do not use comma separators

question 2

Consider the place-value chart for the number $8739142$8739142.

Millions period   Thousands period   Ones period
hundreds tens ones   hundreds tens ones   hundreds tens ones
    $8$8   $7$7 $3$3 $9$9   $1$1 $4$4 $2$2
  1. In order to round $8739142$8739142 to the nearest million, we have to look at the millions digit.

    What is the millions digit?

  2. What is the digit to the right of the millions place?

  3. What should happen to the digit that is to be rounded?

    We add $1$1 to it.


    We do not change it.

  4. Hence, what is $8739142$8739142 rounded to the nearest million?




Represent and compare whole numbers up to and including one billion, including in expanded form using powers of ten, and describe various ways they are used in everyday life.

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