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10.03 Column Graphs

Interactive practice questions

Kenneth had $5$5 white marbles, $2$2 black marbles, $7$7 blue marbles, $13$13 yellow marbles, and $7$7 red marbles. Use this information to complete the column graph.

MarblesColorNumber of Marbles51015whiteblackblueyellowred
Less than a minute

Sarah asks $12$12 of her friends where they went on holiday last year. She writes down their answer. Here is what she wrote down:


Lucy is looking at the cookbooks on the shelf at her grandparent's house. She counts how many there are of each type and put the results in the following table.

The school canteen planned to introduce some new items on their lunch menu. They surveyed the students. $8$8 students suggested sushi, $3$3 students suggested miso soup, $6$6 students wanted spaghetti, $8$8 students wanted pumpkin soup and $13$13 people wanted greek salad.

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selects appropriate methods to collect data, and constructs, compares, interprets and evaluates data displays, including tables, picture graphs and column graphs M

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