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8.12 Measure, estimate, order and compare temperature


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Can you order 2 digit numbers?


Example 1

Order these numbers from smallest to largest.


Worked Solution
Create a strategy

We should order the tens first, then the ones.

Apply the idea

The numbers in the place value table are shown:


44 and 48 have the same smallest tens digit, so they are smaller than 84.

But 44 has the smaller ones digit, so 44 is smaller than 48.

The numbers from smallest to largest are: 44,\,48,\, 84

Idea summary

We can put numbers in order using a place value table and comparing the digits from the highest place value.


In this video, we will see how to tell which temperature is hotter or colder, how to order from coldest to hottest, and how to read the temperature on a thermometer.

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Example 2

What temperature is shown on the thermometer?

A thermometer with the red liquid up to 1 space below 10 degrees celsius. Each space represents 2 degrees.
Worked Solution
Create a strategy

Count each space mark from the red liquid level to 0 and use the scale on the thermometer.

Apply the idea

There are 5 spaces between 0\degree\text{C} and 10\degree\text{C}. This means that each space is 10 \div 5=2\degree\text{C} .

The red liquid level goes up to 4 spaces above 0.

The temperature shown is 4 \times 2\degree\text{C} = 8 \degree\text{C}

Example 3

Which of the following temperatures is in order from hottest to coldest?

35\degree, \, 39\degree, \, 38\degree
39\degree, \, 38\degree, \, 35\degree
Worked Solution
Create a strategy

Order the numbers from largest to smallest.

Apply the idea

Warmer temperatures are higher number values than cooler temperatures. We need to order the number value of temperature from largest to smallest as shown:39, \, 38, \, 35

The correct answer is option B.

Idea summary

Temperature is used to measure how hot or cold something is, the colder it is the lower the degrees Celsius.



measures, records, compares and estimates lengths, distances and perimeters in metres, centimetres and millimetres, and measures, compares and records temperatures

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