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13.02 Rows and columns


Are you ready?

Can you describe the location in a grid using words? How would you describe a location in a larger grid?


Example 1

What object is in the top right?

A grid with images of objects placed in different positions. Ask your teacher for more information.
An image of an owl.
An image of an umbrella.
Worked Solution
Create a strategy

To find the top right object, look to the right \longrightarrow and up.

Apply the idea

The object in the top right is the umbrella, option B.

Idea summary

Remember to think of opposites when we think of direction or position:

  • Left is the opposite of right

  • Up is the opposite of down

  • Top is the opposite of bottom

Rows and columns

This video shows us how to use rows and columns to describe a position.

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Example 2

If we move the rubber duck 1 to the left what column would the rubber duck be in?

An array with different objects placed in different columns and rows. Ask your teacher for more information.
Worked Solution
Create a strategy

Count 1 space to the left (\longleftarrow) and look down to see which column you are in.

Apply the idea

If we move the duck one space to the left, then it moves from column C to column B.

Idea summary

Rows run across, from left to right. Columns run up and down, like a statue.



uses simple maps and grids to represent position and follow routes, including using compass directions

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