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6.05 Multiplication by 0 or 1


Are you ready?

Do you remember how to write a  multiplication number sentence about equally sized groups  ?


Example 1

Complete the statement below with the missing numbers.

The image shows five clovers with 4 leaves each.

The image shows groups of leaves.

Worked Solution
Create a strategy

Each clover is a group. Count the number of clovers and the number of leaves on one clover.

Apply the idea

There are 5 clovers, and each has 4 leaves.

The image shows 5 groups of 4 leaves.

Idea summary

Groups have the same size if they each have the same number of items.

Multiplication tables for 0 and 1

Let's look at how to write and solve multiplication number sentences when we have 1 group or 0 groups.

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Example 2

Evaluate 3 \times 0.

Worked Solution
Create a strategy

We can also think of it as 3 groups of 0 items, so the groups are empty.

The image shows 3 empty circles.
Apply the idea

Since each of the 3 groups are empty, there are 0 items in total.

3 \times 0 = 0

Idea summary

1 group of anything is itself.

0 groups of anything is 0.



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