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PRACTICE: Addition and subtraction

Interactive practice questions



Which story matches the number sentence?

Bill has $28$28 marbles, his friend Tom gives him $12$12 marbles, and Bill then gives $19$19 marbles to Sally.


There are $28$28 people working in a supermarket, $19$19 people leave the supermarket over the next hour and $12$12 people enter.


There are $28$28 pigeons in a park, $19$19 more pigeons fly in to the park, and then after an hour, another $12$12 fly in.


How many pigeons are in the park?

Approx a minute

Find the value of $80041+9900$80041+9900.

Which of the following patterns is increasing by $6$6?

A retail store has sold $761$761 of their shirts over the last $9$9 months and is expected to sell $22$22 shirts in the next month, $67$67 shirts in the following month and $35$35 shirts in the month after that. 

If the store meets their expected sales in the next three months, how many shirts will they have sold over the last year?

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