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2.09 Story problems

Interactive practice questions

There were $13$13 flowers in Pauline’s garden. $2$2 more flowers grew, then Pauline picked $8$8 flowers to put in a vase.

Which number sentence matches the word problem for the number of flowers left in the garden?






Less than a minute

A rabbit took $8$8 jumps forward, then took $2$2 jumps back.

The temperature was $21$21 °C at the start of the day. During the day, the temperature rose by $4$4 °C.

Ray has $10$10 comic books. Danielle has $3$3 less comic books than Ray.

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Apply place value to partition, rearrange and regroup numbers to at least tens of thousands to assist calculations and solve problems


Use equivalent number sentences involving addition and subtraction to find unknown quantities

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