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9.01 Areas of special quadrilaterals

Interactive practice questions

If this parallelogram is cut along the dotted line, the pieces can be rearranged to form a rectangle:


Complete the table to find the area of the rectangle.

$\text{Area of rectangle }$Area of rectangle $=$= $\text{length }\times\text{width }$length ×width cm2
$A$A $=$= $\editable{}\times\editable{}$× cm2 (Fill in the values for the length and width)
$A$A $=$= $\editable{}$ cm2 (Complete the multiplication to find the area)

Now find the area of the parallelogram.

Approx a minute

The rhombus on the left can be split into two triangles as shown.

Consider the rhombus shown on the left:

Consider the trapezium shown below which has been split into a rectangle and a right-angled triangle.

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