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Middle Years

8.05 Applications of Pythagoras' theorem

Interactive practice questions

The screen on a handheld device has dimensions $9$9 cm by $5$5 cm, and a diagonal of length $x$x cm.

What is the value of $x$x?

Round your answer to two decimal places.

Approx 2 minutes

Glen’s car has run out of petrol. He walks $8$8 km west and then $6$6 km south looking for a petrol station.

If he is now $h$h km directly from his starting point, find the value of $h$h.

Fred and Carl are playing football together. At one point in the game, they are near the same corner of the field. Fred is on the goal line, $11$11 m away from the corner, while Carl is on the side line, $17$17 m away from the corner.

If the straight line distance between the two players is $d$d m, find the value of $d$d, rounding your answer to two decimal places.

A soft drink can has a height of $11$11 cm and a radius of $4$4 cm.

Find $L$L, the length of the longest straw that can fit into the can (so that the straw is not bent and fits entirely inside the can).

Give your answer rounded down to the nearest cm, to ensure it fits inside the can.

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