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Middle Years

2.04 Expansion

Interactive practice questions

A student incorrectly used the distributive property and wrote $6\left(7x+2\right)=42x+2$6(7x+2)=42x+2.

Which of the following is the best explanation to help the student correct their error?

They have have multiplied the wrong term in the sum by $6$6. They should multiply $2$2, instead of $7x$7x, by $6$6.


They have forgotten to multiply the second part of the sum, $2$2, by the number outside the brackets, $6$6.


They have multiplied $7x$7x and $6$6 rather than adding them.


They have added $7x$7x and $6$6 rather than multiplying them.

Less than a minute

Expand the expression $5\left(s+7\right)$5(s+7).

Expand the expression $9\left(5+w\right)$9(5+w).

Expand the expression $3\left(r-6\right)$3(r6).

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