Challenge Rules

Welcome to the official Virginia Beach Mathspace Challenge Rules. Note these rules are an extension of Mathspace's Terms & Conditions located at ("Terms") and the Privacy Policy located at

How does the Challenge work?

This Challenge is all about rewarding students for their effort. So during the Challenge, you should try and do as much math as possible, and encourage your classmates to do the same.

We will keep track of the average number of points that your class earns over the course of the Challenge. This means we will add up the points that your class earns, and divide them by the number of students in your class.

We'll be rewarding the top class per grade level for 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II.

What are Mathspace points and how are they calculated?

Points are awarded to students based on effort and engagement. The more questions students attempt and get correct, the more points they earn. The points system encourages the students to work on new questions that they haven't tried before. Read about how points are calculated.

Note: Students can earn points for all types of tasks except for Fast Track tasks on Mathspace.

The Challenge Score is calculated by taking the total number of Mathspace points earned by participating students in a class, divided by the total number of students in that class ("Challenge Score"). In short, it shows the average number of points per student in each class.

Students may earn points by working on content at their grade level, and on content one grade below and above their grade level.

Start and end dates

The Challenge begins 11/12/19 12:00 am (the "Challenge Start Date") and ends 12/13/19 11:59pm (the "Challenge End Date") UTC, such period referred to herein as the "Challenge Period." This is a skill-based Challenge and chance plays no part in the determination of any Winner.


All Virginia Beach County Public Schools classes, using Mathspace for 6th, 7th, 8th grade courses, or Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II courses, are eligible to participate in the Challenge.

Selection of Winners

Grand Prizes: There are six competition categories, three in middle school (6th, 7th and 8th grade) and three in high school (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II). Prizes will be awarded to the top three classes for each of three grade levels across all VBCPS middle schools. Prizes will also

No teacher may win more than one prize, regardless of how many of their classes are in the top three placings. If a teacher has multiple classes in the top three placings, their class with the highest Challenge Score will be awarded the prize.

Competition Categories

Middle School

6th grade prize
  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class
7th grade prize
  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class
8th grade prize
  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class

High School

Algebra I
  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class
  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class
Algebra II
  • 1st class
  • 2nd class
  • 3rd class

Please Note

It's possible that you find two classes with the same name. You can identify them on the leaderboard by the class ID number.

To see your class ID:

  1. Select the class you're interested in from the dropdown menu on the planner page.
  2. Look at the web address bar, the class ID is the number next to classes in the URL.
  3. This ID number will appear next to your class name on the leaderboard.

Disqualification Criteria

Mathspace reserves the right to disqualify any participating class we deem to be acting in a way that gives them an unfair or unethical advantage in the Challenge. This includes, but is not limited to

  • Working on material from more than one Grade level below the students’ actual Grade level
  • Creating fake student accounts and completing work on these student accounts
  • Teachers, parents or others starting or completing work for students to earn points
  • Collaborating with other schools
  • Any other behavior deemed to be unfair, unethical, or against the spirit of the competition

Winner Notification and Prize Claim

Grand Prizes

Notification date: 12/18/19

If a Prize is forfeited for any reason, the entrant with the next highest score may be contacted as an alternate winner.


Top three classes
  • Pizza party for your entire class
  • Bragging rights
  • Eternal glory
All students
  • Certificates for all students who achieve 1000 points in the Challenge Period

Leading Classes and Winner List

The names of the Top 10 classes in each category will be posted on this Website during the course of the Challenge.

Please read the Challenge Terms and Conditions, as well as our Terms and Privacy Policy carefully, as they describe the conditions under which You are allowed to participate in the Challenge. By participating in the Challenge, you expressly consent to the Challenge Terms and Conditions, the Terms and the Privacy Policy.