Terms & Conditions
These Official ("Challenge Terms and Conditions") are an extension of Mathspace's Terms & Conditions located at ("Terms") and the Privacy Policy located at
Please read the Challenge Terms and Conditions, as well as our Terms and Privacy Policy carefully, as they describe the conditions under which You are allowed to participate in the Challenge. By participating in the Challenge, you expressly consent to the Challenge Terms and Conditions, the Terms and the Privacy Policy.
The Challenge begins 2/11/19 12:00 am (the "Challenge Start Date") and ends 3/24/19 11:59 pm (the "Challenge End Date") UTC, such period referred to herein as the "Challenge Period." This is a skill-based Challenge and chance plays no part in the determination of any Winner.
You must either be a US-based Mathspace for Schools customer or a Mathspace for Schools trialling customer to be eligible to participate in the Challenge.
Entries are limited to individuals with Mathspace teacher accounts only ("Teacher").
Your school must have a minimum of 40 students with active Mathspace accounts during the Challenge1 to have a valid Challenge Score counted on the Leaderboard. It is still possible to participate in the Challenge if you only have 40 or more active student accounts for some of the weeks, however this will impact your overall score. See example below:
School A only had 30 student accounts for week 1 and 2, so their Challenge Score is not valid. In week 3 they have 40 student accounts, so their Challenge Score for week 3 is valid. Their total Challenge Score now includes weeks 1, 2 and 3, even though weeks 1 and 2 were invalid before.
How to join the Challenge
To opt in to the Challenge, go to, click "Join the Challenge" and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Application form to receive one (1) School Entry into the Challenge. In order for your Entry to be valid and complete, you must also have a Mathspace teacher account. If you do not have a Mathspace teacher account, a Mathspace representative will contact you to set up your account. If you do not hear from a Mathspace representative within 5 days of your submission, please contact us at [email protected].
What are Mathspace points and how are they calculated?
Points are awarded to students based on effort and engagement. The more questions students attempt and get correct, the more points they earn. The points system encourages the students to work on new questions that they haven't tried before. Read about how points are calculated.
Note: Students can earn points for all types of tasks except for Fast Track tasks on Mathspace.
What is the Challenge Score?
The Challenge Score is calculated by multiplying the total number of Mathspace points earned by participating students, with the student participation rate for each week of the Challenge Period (“Challenge Score”).
A school's participation rate is calculated by dividing the total number of students who have earned points each week on Mathspace over the total number of students with active accounts for that school year1.
Students may earn points by working on content at or above their grade level, and on content one grade below. Teachers should contact [email protected] if they have any questions about this.
The overall winning school is calculated by:
[Total points (week 1) x Participation rate (week 1)] + [Total points (week 2) x Participation rate (week 2)] + [Total points (week 3) x Participation rate (week 3)] + [Total points (week 4) x Participation rate (week 4)] + [Total points (week 5) x Participation rate (week 5)] + [Total points (week 6) x Participation rate (week 6)]
The weekly winning school is calculated by:
[Total points (week n) x Participation rate (week n)]
Selection of Winners
Grand Prizes
The top 3 schools with the highest number of Challenge Points between the Challenge Start Date and the Challenge End Date will be the winners. If there is a tie, the total mastery earned by students in a school will be considered in determining the winner. (Tie-breaker metric subject to change)
Weekly Prize
The school with the highest Challenge Score at the end of Week 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 will win a weekly bonus reward2. The score count for the Weekly Bonus reward is reset every week3.
There will be no weekly prize at the end of Week 6.
Disqualification Criteria
Mathspace reserves the right to disqualify any participating school we deem to be acting in a way that gives them an unfair or unethical advantage in the Challenge. This includes, but is not limited to
  • Creating fake student accounts and completing work on these student accounts
  • Teachers, parents or others starting or completing work for students to earn points
  • Collaborating with other schools
  • Working on material from more than one Grade level below the students' actual Grade level
  • Any other behavior deemed to be unfair, unethical, or against the spirit of the competition
Winner Notification and Prize Claim
Weekly Prizes
Notification dates: 2/18/19, 2/25/19, 3/4/19, 3/11/19, and 3/18/19
Prize claim: We will contact the winners, and arrange the delivery of the prizes directly.
Grand Prize
Notification: 3/27/19
Prize claim: To be negotiated with school
If a Prize is forfeited for any reason, the entrant with the next highest score may be contacted as an alternate winner.
1st Place
  • $3,000 check for your school
  • Trip for two teachers to attend NCTM Annual Conference 2019 in San Diego4
  • 1st Place trophy
  • 1st Place certificate for all students
  • Winner logo for school website
2nd Place
  • $1,000 Amazon gift card to purchase technology or math classroom supplies
  • 2nd Place trophy
  • 2nd Place certificate for all students
  • 2nd Place logo for school website
3rd Place
  • $500 Amazon gift card to purchase technology or math classroom supplies
  • 3rd Place trophy
  • 3rd Place certificate for all students
  • 3rd Place logo for school website
Weekly Rewards
For each of the first five weeks, the leading schools can win a pizza party. To keep things fair, and to give every school the best chance of winning, we have created two divisions:
  • The leading school with more than 150 active student accounts *
  • The leading school with 40 to 150 active student accounts, inclusive *
The number of active student accounts used to determine the division will be calculated by counting all students from your school that have logged into their accounts between August 1, 2018 and 11:59pm UTC on Saturday, February 23, 2019 (the end of week 2). The online leaderboard will still reflect one category.
Note: A school is only eligible to win the weekly reward once. If a school wins more than one weekly reward, we will reward the next highest school in that division.
Leading Schools and Winner List
The names of the Top 20 schools will be posted on this Website during the course of the Challenge.
At the end of the Challenge, after verification, we will announce the Top 3 Schools and will post about the winning schools on this Website, as well as our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
1 All students from your school that have logged into their accounts since August 1, 2018, will be considered active Mathspace accounts for this competition. The competition is based on participation of all Mathspace users in the entire school - teachers or classes using Mathspace in your school cannot “opt out” of your Challenge results.
2 Schools may only win the weekly prize once; in the event of a school winning multiple weeks, the school with the next highest Challenge score for that week will be deemed the weekly winner.
3 Weekly points are reset each Saturday at 11:59pm UTC.
4 Prize includes: Round trip flights for two teachers to San Diego from winner’s location; accommodation for the duration of the NCTM conference; entry to NCTM conference; $50 per day per person to cover incidental costs (food, airport transfers, etc). If winners are unable to attend NCTM Annual Conference in 2019, they have the option of choosing to attend one of the NCTM Regional conferences in 2019. Otherwise, this prize must be taken as stated, and is not exchangeable or redeemable for cash or other goods or services.