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Using technology to solve problems with graphs I

Interactive practice questions

Using the graphs of $y=2x-7$y=2x7 and $y=-2x+1$y=2x+1, find the solution(s) of the equation $2x-7=-2x+1$2x7=2x+1.

Approx 2 minutes

Consider the following linear equations:

$y=5x-7$y=5x7 and $y=-x+5$y=x+5

Consider the functions $f\left(x\right)=-3\left(x^2-3\right)$f(x)=3(x23) and $g\left(x\right)=-6x$g(x)=6x.

Consider the functions $y_1$y1 and $y_2$y2:



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