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7.02 Frequency and mode

Interactive practice questions

Bill asks $9$9 of his friends which pet they would like. He writes down their responses. Here is what he wrote down:


Count the number of each type of animal and fill in the table.

Animal Number of Friends
Cat $\editable{}$
Dog $\editable{}$
Fish $\editable{}$
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Find the mode of the following scores:


Find the modes of the following scores:


Yvonne asks $15$15 of her friends what their favorite color is. She writes down their answer. Here is what she wrote down:

blue, pink, blue, yellow, green, pink, pink, yellow, green, blue, yellow, pink, yellow, pink, pink



Summarize numerical data sets in relation to their context, such as by:


Reporting the number of observations


Describing the nature of the attribute under investigation, including how it was measured and its units of measurement.

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