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Angles of Elevation and Depression

Interactive practice questions

A man standing at point $C$C, is looking at the top of a tree at point $A$A. Identify the angle of elevation in the figure given.

A right triangle is shown with vertices labeled A, B and C. Side AB is the vertical leg, side BC is the horizontal leg, and side AC is the hypotenuse. The right angle is at vertex B, as indicated by a small square. There are two arcs indicating angles: one at vertex C, labeled with $\alpha$α, and another at vertex A, labeled with $\theta$θ. Above vertex C, a vertical dotted line extends from vertex C to a point labeled D. The angle between this dotted line CD and the hypotenuse AC is labeled with $\sigma$σ.






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A man standing at the top of the tower at point $B$B, is looking at the ground at point $C$C. Identify the angle of depression in the figure given.

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Considering the diagram below, find $x$x, the angle of elevation to point $A$A from point $C$C.

Round your answer to two decimal places.


Sally measures the angle of elevation to the top of a tree from a point $20$20m away to be $43^\circ$43°. If the height of the tree is $h$h m, find the value of $h$h.

Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

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