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Check reasonableness of calculations

Interactive practice questions

Ursula collects beetles. She knows that she has exactly $169$169 of them. Ursula has to move house this week, and must buy storage boxes to transport all of them.

Which of the following should Ursula buy?

$3$3 boxes that hold $180$180 beetles each.


$4$4 boxes that hold $40$40 beetles each.


$2$2 boxes that hold $10$10 beetles each.


$9$9 boxes that hold $20$20 beetles each.

Less than a minute

Brad and Bill went out one evening. Bill said:

"I have $\$18.40$$18.40, which is about $\$20$$20. This food stall charges $\$9.50$$9.50 for a kebab, which is about $\$10$$10. That means I have enough money to pay for both of us to get a kebab."

Which of the following is closest to the sum $33+42+24$33+42+24?

Is the following sum close to $1000$1000?


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