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High School Core Standards - Algebra I Assessment Anchors

3.04 Literal equations and formulas

Interactive practice questions

Conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius is defined by the formula $C=\frac{5}{9}\left(F-32\right)$C=59(F32).

The temperature inside a freezer is $86^\circ$86°$F$F. What is this temperature in Celsius?

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Sally bought a television series online. The television series was $7.2$7.2 gigabytes large and took $2$2 hours to download.

The area of triangle is defined by formula $A=\frac{b\times h}{2}$A=b×h2. Find the height $h$h of a triangle with Base=$5$5 and Area=$30$30.

The volume of a prism is given by the formula $V=a\times b\times h$V=a×b×h. Find $h$h if $a=2$a=2, $b=6$b=6 and $V=108$V=108.

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