Adaptive Tasks
Teachers can assign coursework through Adaptive tasks, which cover an entire subtopic and allow students to work through at their own pace. The task automatically generates questions, beginning with the introductory material and moving through to the most difficult questions, adapting the experience as each student demonstrates their understanding.
Question sets and Custom tasks
Teachers can design a Custom task, choosing questions from within a single question set or drawing from across the curriculum. Whether it be for assessment, revision, or regular instruction, teachers can create a complete experience for their students. Each task can be saved as a template to reuse and share with other teachers.
Task templates
The Task Template Library comes with a range of topic tests created by our in-house mathematicians and curriculum experts that can be assigned to students immediately. Teachers can add or remove questions from templates as desired when assigned as a task. Teachers can create their own task templates to add to the library, which will then be shared with all teachers at the school.
Outcome Search
Teachers can search for relevant topics and subtopics by entering a curriculum outcome code into the search box. The outcome codes are also displayed in the header of each subtopic.
Detailed Question information
Details for every question have been included to assist teachers in planning and task creation. These details include:
  • Question difficulty: easy, medium, hard
  • Estimated time to complete a question
All lessons on Mathspace include detailed explanations, worked questions and interactive practice questions that students can try out themselves. Lessons can also be shared directly with students to guide them towards more conceptual learning before they practice what they have learned.
Mathspace investigations are designed to be open-ended tasks that students can complete either individually or in groups. The are often more conceptual, encourage strong mathematical discourse by asking students to reflect and discuss their learning, and promote discovery through hands-on, student-driven experimentation. Teachers can find investigations by typing the word Investigation into the search box.
Student Workbook: Step-by-step support
We want to be the right help at the right time for every student, which is why we provide personalised support at every step. With hints, video demonstrations, and instant feedback after every line of working, the student workbook will assist each of your students along each of their learning paths.