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2.04 Practical problems with rational numbers

Interactive practice questions

Consider the following sentence:

$-6$6 is added to the product of $2$2 and $-4$4.


Without simplifying the result, translate this sentence into a mathematical expression.


Evaluate the expression.

Approx 2 minutes
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Consider the following sentence:

The sum of $-8$8 and the quotient of $-40$40 and $4$4

Consider the following phrase:

The quotient of $-3$3 and the sum of $7$7 and $6$6 .

Determine whether the following statements are true or false:



Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving numerical expressions with rational numbers using the four operations.


Solve multi-step real-world and mathematical problems posed with rational numbers in algebraic expressions. • Apply properties of operations to calculate with positive and negative numbers in any form. • Convert between different forms of a number and equivalent forms of the expression as appropriate.

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