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2.08 Practical problems with decimal operations

Interactive practice questions

Amy is buying some supplies for the new school year.

She buys an exercise book for $\$9.55$$9.55, a pack of pens for $\$6.12$$6.12 and a pencil case for $\$6.28$$6.28.

How much does she spend in total?

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A calculator is $15.9$15.9 cm long.

Harry buys an item from the school canteen for $\$3.20$$3.20. If he pays for it with a five dollar note, how much change will he get back?

Lisa purchased a car and is paying monthly installments of $\$148.40$$148.40 per month to pay it off. If it takes her $60$60 months to pay it off, how much will she have spent on car repayments in total?



Apply and extend previous understandings of decimals to develop and fluently use the standard algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals.

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