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8.02 Experimental probability

Interactive practice questions

To prepare for the week ahead, a restaurant keeps a record of the number of each main meal ordered throughout the previous week.

Meal Frequency
Chicken $54$54
Beef $32$32
Lamb $26$26
Vegetarian $45$45

How many meals were ordered altogether?


What is the experimental probability that a customer will order a beef meal?

Give your answer as a percentage, rounded to the nearest whole percent.

Approx 3 minutes
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A retail store served $773$773 customers in October, and there were $44$44 complaints during that month.

What is the experimental probability that a customer complains?

At the main traffic light in town going north to south the green light is on for $24$24 seconds, then the yellow light lasts for $3$3 seconds, and then the red light is on for $13$13 seconds. This cycle then repeats.

If a car approaches the traffic light, what is the likelihood that the light will be:

Five schools compete in a basketball competition. The results from the last season are given in the table below.



Approximate the probability of a chance event by collecting data on the chance process that produces it and observing its long-run relative frequency, and predict the approximate relative frequency given the probability.

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