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9.03 On-road and running costs of a car

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Ned bought a new 4-wheel drive for $\$25880$$25880. His CTP insurance is $\$549$$549 per year and his comprehensive insurance is $\$80.46$$80.46 per month. What is the total cost of insurance per year?

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Third party property insurance costs $\$33.34$$33.34 a month. What is the cost per week? Give your answer correct to the nearest cent.

Ellie purchased a second-hand motorcycle with on road costs.

John was going to pay $\$690.90$$690.90 for a new comprehensive insurance policy, but he has been offered a $18%$18% discount for buying online.

What discount, rounded to the nearest cent, did John receive?



represents information in symbolic, graphical and tabular form


models relevant financial situations using appropriate tools

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