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7.05 Government allowances and pensions

Interactive practice questions

Marge is $25$25, a single parent and is undertaking a full-time apprenticeship as a hairdresser.

She is checking her eligibility for Austudy in the table given.

Eligibility basics

  • aged $25$25 years or more, and
  • studying full-time in an approved course at an approved educational institution, or
  • undertaking a full-time Australian Apprenticeship
Your situation The highest payment per fortnight is
single, no children $\$455.20$$455.20
single, with children $\$596.50$$596.50
In a couple, no children $\$455.20$$455.20
In a couple, with children $\$499.90$$499.90

How much would her maximum Austudy payment be each fortnight?

Give your answer to two decimal places.

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Christa is $40$40, married with $2$2 children and is studying full time.

She is checking her eligibility for Austudy in the table given.

Homer is living with his parents, aged $18$18, and studying full time.

He is checking his eligibility for Youth Allowance.

Xanthe has two children, is living with her parents, and studies part time.

She is checking her eligibility for Youth Allowance.



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