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7.04 Commission based earnings, piecework, royalties


Calculate the value of 2\% commission for total sales of \$5900.


Calculate the amount of commission a salesperson will receive if they earn 5\% on sales and the amount they sold was \$8000.


If a commission of 20\% is paid on all sales, find the total value of sales if the gross income is \$238.


Han is paid a commission of 3\% of the value of trucks sold in excess of \$2100. Calculate his income if he sells trucks to the value of \$6600.


James is paid a monthly retainer of \$800 and a commission of 2\% of the value of the products he sells. Calculate his gross income if his sales for the month are \$261\,000.


Valentina is paid a retainer of \$200 per week plus 5\% commission on sales in excess of \$2100. In one week, she sells goods to the value of \$5800. Calculate her income for that week.


A salesperson receives a commission of \$204. Their sales total was \$816. Find the percentage of commission they were paid.


Sally is paid 7\% commission on the first \$2600 of goods sold and 1\% on any value thereafter. Sally sells goods to the value of \$15\,400.


Calculate the commission earned on the first \$2600 of goods sold.


Calculate the commission earned on the amount of goods sold in excess of \$2600.


Find Sally's total commission earned.


Dave sold motorbikes to the value of \$66\,000 in one week. His pay for the week was \$2434, which comprised a retainer plus a commission of 2.9\% on his sales. Find the amount of retainer Dave was paid.


Maria is using a spreadsheet to calculate commission earned on real estate sales. She earns a retainer of \$1000 per week, plus 2\% commission on sales. Maria enters her sales into cell \text{H5} and enters a formula into cell \text{H6} to calculate her weekly income.

Write down a correct formula to enter into cell \text{H6}.


Sally is paid a retainer of \$210 per week plus a commission based on her weekly sales. In one week, she sells \$9800 worth of lighting. Her total pay for the week was \$504.


Find the commission she earned.


Find Sally's commission rate as a percentage.


Maria is paid a retainer of \$280 per week plus a commission based on her weekly sales. In one week, she sells \$7800 worth of lighting. If her total pay for the week was \$670, find the commission rate Maria is paid. Give your answer as a percentage.


An auctioneer of artwork is paid 2\% of the value of a sale up to \$500\,000, and 5\% of any amount by which the sale value exceeds \$500\,000.


Calculate the commission she would earn on a sale of \$500\,000.


The auctioneer sells an artwork for more than \$500\,000. If she receives commission of \$13\,050, find how much the artwork was sold for.


Amelia earns a weekly retainer of \$300 plus a commmission of 4.6\% based on sales of airline tickets. If she is aiming to earn \$1183.20 each week, find the value of ticket sales she must achieve.


Calculate the income earned for the following amounts of piecework:


Washing 24 cars at \$10 per car.


Baking 26 croissants at \$7 per croissant.


Sewing 84 shirts at \$8 per shirt.


A process worker earns \$3 for each article assembled. Calculate the number of articles he has to assemble to earn \$120.


A baker earns \$4 for each breadroll and \$2 for each bagel she makes. In one particular day, she makes 40 breadrolls and 100 bagels.


Calculate the amount she earns from making breadrolls.


Calculate the amount she earns from making bagels.


Calculate her total income for the particular day.


A delivery driver earns \$5 per item up to 6 items, then \$18 per item delivered thereafter. Calculate the income earned for delivering:


5 items.


20 items.


Sam has a holiday job picking oranges. He is paid \$32 per bin and each bin holds 400 \text{ kg} of oranges. He can pick at a rate of 0.8 bins per hour.


Calculate how much Sam receives for one hour's work.


If Sam works 10 hours per day for 6 days a week, calculate his gross weekly income.


Calculate how many kilograms of oranges Sam picks in a week.


Oliver is paid a piecework rate of \$5.20 per kilogram of strawberries he picks. He currently picks at an average rate of 3.70\text{ kg} of strawberries per hour. Lucy also picks strawberries but is paid an hourly rate of \$26.30 rather than a piecework rate.


Calculate how much Oliver is paid per hour.


How many kilograms of strawberries would Oliver need to pick each hour, so that his hourly pay was the same as Lucy’s? Round your answer to two decimal places.


During the month of August, Amelia has a job pruning grape vines. She prunes at a rate of 47 vines per hour. She worked 191 hours over the entire month and earned a total of \$5565.74. Calculate Amelia's piecework rate per vine.


Sarah is an author. She is paid a royalty of 7\% on the sales of her books. Calculate her earnings if 190\,000 copies of her book are sold for \$17 each.


Tina is a musician. Her royalty payments and music sales for one month are outlined in the following table:

UsageRoyalty paymentNumber of downloads/plays
\text{Online store}\$0.49 \text{ per song purchased}2518
\text{Streaming service}\$0.0079 \text{ per song streamed}6670
\text{Radio station}\$7 \text{ per song played}29

Calculate her income in royalties for the month.


A musician is paid a royalty of 46 cents for each one of their tracks purchased through an online music store. Calculate how many tracks they would need to sell each week in order to make the minimum national wage of \$719.20.


An author is paid a royalty of 8\% on sales of their books. Calculate how many books are sold if their total income from royalties is \$22\,900.


Rosey is an author. She is paid a royalty of 8.5\% on the sale of the first 15\,000 copies of her book and 10\% thereafter. Calculate her earnings if 24\,420 books are sold at \$26.


Oliver is a writer and photographer. His new book on landscape photography is released at a retail price of \$47 and he receives royalty payments based on the following sales:

  • 10\% of the sales for the first 5000 copies sold.

  • 12.5\% for the next 5000 copies sold.

  • 15\% for any further sales.


Calculate his earnings if he sells 8414 copies.


Calculate his earnings if he sells 12\,444 copies.


Danielle has written a novel and receives royalties of 10\% on the sales of paperbacks and 25\% on the sales of e-books. Her paperback sells for \$24.99 and her e-book is priced at \$14.99. If she sells 12\,000 e-books, calculate how many paperbacks she would need to sell to earn a total income of at least \$60\,000.


Peter has made an app that he sells through an online store for \$6.99. He receives a royalty of 80\% of the sale price each time his app is purchased. In the 6 months after its release, Peter’s app was purchased 350 times. At the end of the first 6-month period, he reduced the price of his app to \$4.99. This caused sales of his app to increase by 30\% during the second half of the year.

Find Peter’s annual income in royalties from app sales.

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