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Using a fence to find Outliers

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Consider the dot plot below.


Determine the median, lower quartile score and the upper quartile score.

Median $=$= $\editable{}$

Lower quartile $=$= $\editable{}$

Upper quartile $=$= $\editable{}$


Hence, calculate the interquartile range.


Calculate $1.5\times IQR$1.5×IQR, where IQR is the interquartile range.


An outlier is a score that is more than $1.5\times IQR$1.5×IQR above or below the Upper Quartile or Lower Quartile respectively. State the outlier.

Approx 3 minutes
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VO2 Max is a measure of how efficiently your body uses oxygen during exercise. The more physically fit you are, the higher your VO2 Max. Here are some people’s results when their VO2 Max was measured.


A set of data has the following five-number summary.

A set of data has the following box plot.

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