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Simplify algebraic fractions III

Interactive practice questions

Simplify $\frac{8x^2+2x-15}{\left(4x-5\right)^2}$8x2+2x15(4x5)2.

Approx 2 minutes
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Simplify $\frac{\left(3x+2\right)^2}{18x^2-3x-10}$(3x+2)218x23x10.

At a landfill site, a hole in the shape of a rectangular prism is to be dug out. The area of the rectangular cross-section measures $\left(5y+8\right)$(5y+8) square metres and the volume of the hole is to be $5y^2+3y-8$5y2+3y8 cubic metres such that $\left(5y+8\right)\times\text{depth }=5y^2+3y-8$(5y+8)×depth =5y2+3y8. Find the expression for the depth of the hole

Simplify $\frac{4x^2+8x-32}{x^2+3x-10}$4x2+8x32x2+3x10.

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