Linear Equations
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Geometrical Problems with Coordinates

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$A$A$\left(-2,-1\right)$(2,1), $B$B$\left(0,0\right)$(0,0) and $C$C$\left(1,k\right)$(1,k) are the vertices of a right-angled triangle with right angle at $B$B.


Find the value of $k$k.


Find the area of the triangle.

Approx 9 minutes
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Consider any right-angled triangle with a base of $b$b and a height of $h$h, placed in the coordinate plane as shown.

$ABCD$ABCD is a rhombus as shown on the number plane.

Given Line P: $y=-6x-4$y=6x4, Line Q: $y=\frac{x}{6}+6$y=x6+6, Line R: $y=-6x-1$y=6x1 and Line S: $y=\frac{x}{6}+1$y=x6+1.

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