Linear Equations
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Distances on the Plane (using Pythag)

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Use the triangle and Pythagoras' theorem to complete the following:

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Complete the equations:

$AC^2=9$AC2=9 $+$+ $\editable{}$

$AC^2$AC2 $=$= $\editable{}$


Hence find the length of $AC$AC in simplest surd form.

Approx 2 minutes
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The points $P$P $\left(-3,-2\right)$(3,2), $Q$Q $\left(-3,-4\right)$(3,4) and $R$R $\left(1,-4\right)$(1,4) are the vertices of a right-angled triangle, as shown on the number plane.

Consider the interval $AB$AB on the graph.

How far is the given point $P$P$\left(-15,8\right)$(15,8) from the origin?

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