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A park has a walking track in the shape of an irregular quadrilateral. The four side lengths of the track are $8a$8a m, $6b$6b m, $2a$2a m, and $3b$3b m.


Write an expression for the length of one complete lap around the track.


What is the length of one lap around the track if $a=15$a=15 and $b=5$b=5?

Approx 2 minutes
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A $23$23cm wire is cut into $2$2 pieces such that the length of the smaller piece is $4$4 cm. The longer piece is then bent to form a rectangle of width $3$3 cm.

A triangle has side lengths of $9x+3$9x+3 cm, $10x-3y$10x3y cm, and $12-4y$124y cm.

Each week, Aaron earns $£m$£m more than Paul.

Each week, Uther earns $£u$£u more than Aaron.

If Paul earns $£440$£440 per week, how much does Uther earn per week?

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