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Triangles in the movies (Investigation)


Performing with Triangles

What makes a good scene in a movie or a play? Let's take a look at these scenes from two popular films:



What do you notice about the way the actors are standing?

In both of these scenes, the main characters are standing in some form of a triangle.


  1. What kind of triangles are those?
  2. What kind of feeling do you get from the positioning of the actors (without using your prior knowledge of the books/films)?
  3. Can you think of or find scenes from other movies or even your everyday life where triangles come into play?

In groups of three, create a mini-skit with a beginning, middle and end. Work together to create characters and situations that would create an interesting story. In order to help organize your thoughts, you can use the following table:

      Beginning              Middle                   End           

Type of Triangle



Here is a reminder of some important vocabulary for describing triangles:

  • acute
  • obtuse
  • right
  • straight
  • reflex
  • equilateral
  • isosceles
  • scalene
  • vertex
  • side
  • perimeter
  • area
  • angle

CHALLENGE: Can you figure out ways to use some of this vocabulary in your skits?

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