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Pretzel Solids (Investigation)



  • To build a 3D shape model based on a given net.
  • To practice classifying solids.
  • To practice visualising the different faces of prisms.


  • Pretzel sticks (or drinking straws)
  • Marshmallows or soft gumdrop candies (or blue-tac)
  • Printed out nets


Work in small groups or on your own.

  1. Several nets are provided below, you can use these or find your own. Choose at least 4 nets. 
  2. For each net you choose:
    • Classify the net. 
    • Then, use the pretzels to build the shape and the marshmallows or gumdrops to secure the pretzels together.
    • Once the shape is built draw a sketch of the top view of the shape, the side view of the shape, and the front view of the shape.
    • Sketch the cross section of the shape you created.

Compare with Friends! 

  1. Find a person who has chosen to build different nets than you did. 
  2. Guess what the front, top and side views of the shape look like before looking at that person’s sketch.
  3.  Once you have made your guess, check their sketch to see if you were right.
  4.   Have them do the same to you.


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