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Further work with angles of elevation and depressions

Interactive practice questions

A tower used to lean at an angle of inclination of $84^\circ$84°. Now that it has been restored, it has an angle of inclination of $86^\circ$86°.

What is the angle at which the tower now deviates from a vertical position?

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Amelia measures the angle of elevation to the top of a tree from a point, $29$29 meters away from the base, to be $31$31°. Find the height of the tree, $h$h, to the nearest meter.

The angle of elevation from an observer to the top of a tree is $18^\circ$18°. If the distance between the tree and the observer is $d$d meters and the tree is known to be $3.53$3.53 m high, find $d$d to $2$2 decimal places.

At a certain time of the day a light post, $6$6 m tall, has a shadow of $5.8$5.8 m. If the angle of elevation of the sun at that time is $\theta$θ°, find $\theta$θ to $2$2 decimal places.

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