Converting units of area

We've seen how converting units of area can be useful to make sense of the amount of space something takes up. Have you ever thought how useful it would be if there was something bigger than a square metre, but smaller than a square kilometre? That's where the hectare comes in.


The hectare is a measurement that helps describe some large areas, such as sports fields. We're going to need this rule for a hectare:

1 hectare = $10000$10000 square metres

By following that rule for conversions, you can convert hectares to square metres, as you will see in this worked example.

Worked Example

Question 1

Express $10.4$10.4ha in m2.

Using hectares

Hectares are useful for describing area for things like sporting grounds and complexes. To be able to remember the hectare, it helps to see how it's arrived at, and how it compares to the square metre and square kilometre. Let's take a look, in this video, and work through some examples.

Worked Examples

Question 2

Express $54800$54800m2 in hectares.

Question 3

A rectangular farm has an area of $12$12 ha and a length of $600$600 m. What is the width of the farm in metres?


A hectare is an area measuring $10000$10000 m2, similar in size to a sporting field. We can also use a square with sides measuring $100$100 m to help us define the hectare.

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