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Convert negative fractions to decimal numbers


In Dashes to Dots we learnt how to convert fractions to decimals. We learnt that if a fraction has a denominator of $10$10, $100$100, $1000$1000 or any other multiple of ten, we can write it as a decimal using our knowledge of the place value table. If not, it may be helpful to use division.

What happens if our fraction contains one or even two negative numbers?

Well, since a fraction can be written as a division question, the same rules apply as when we're dividing with negative numbers. The important things to remember are:

  • The quotient of two negative numbers is a positive answer.
  • The quotient of one positive and one negative is a negative answer.



Question 1

Convert $-\frac{6}{10}$610 to a decimal.

Think: If we said this fraction out loud, we'd say "negative six tenths."

Do: The tenths column is the first column after the decimal point so we'd write this as $-0.6$0.6.


Question 2

Convert $\frac{-63}{-100}$63100 to a decimal.

Question 3

Convert $-5$5$\frac{651}{1000}$6511000 to a decimal.

Question 4

Convert $-\frac{1}{4}$14 to a decimal.


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